Windshield Repair

You were just driving along then smack a rock hits your windshield. Now what? Well, the easy thing to do is nothing at all and wait for the windshield to crack up.  The next simple solution is to call A to Z Auto glass and have your windshield repaired at your home or work as soon as the next day.  If you have comprehensive auto insurance have your card handy when you call because most insurance companies will waive your deductible when we call them on a three-way call with you.

The damage usually ranges from small “nicks” to areas as large as a 50-cent piece. Damage smaller than a quarter in diameter can be repaired by A to Z Auto Glass.  Most breaks have a star or half circle. The windshield repair process will remove most of the visible damage.  So yes you can still see them if you look close. Windshield repair is designed to stop the damage from spreading and works very well when done correctly.

No Insurance?
No problem:  we only charge $59.95 for on-site repairs.

What Can Windshield Repair Do?

  • Stop damage from spreading
  • Improve clarity in the damaged area
  • Restore structural integrity to the damaged glass
  • Save consumers money over windshield replacement
  • Be environmentally friendly because it extends the useful life of the glass

A to Z Auto Glass offers a quality windshield repair service for your car or truck.  Professional technicians are available to repair your auto glass whether you own a foreign or domestic car.  We can arrange to bill your insurance company directly for windshield repair.

Note: 1 out of a hundred repairs will not fill completely or break during the repair. A to Z Auto Glass is Not Responsible for cracked windshields. If the repair doesn’t fill completely or spreads you will not be charged.

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